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  Mini Digger Earthworks

Welcome to Mini Digger Earthworks.

We provide a reliable and friendly mini digger service for home owners, builders, electricians, 

plumbers and landscapers.... basically any one who realises that working with a shovel or a wheel 

barrow is not a lot of fun.

At Mini Digger Earthworks we love shifting soil, digging holes or trenches, rock and concrete 

breaking, moving materials and doing site cleans.... plus lots more and we can do all this in a 

fraction of the time it would take you to do it manually. This saves you from doing back breaking 

work, it saves you time, and in the long run it saves you money!

So please consider us for your next excavation or earthmoving project. Check out our services page 

to see if we can assist you. Hope to hear from you soon. Call Stuart 0402 344 305.