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  Mini Digger Earthworks

Photo Gallery

Mini Digger Earthworks Mini Digger Earthworks Site excavation and levelling in Ringwood. 194914980 Site excavation and levelling in Ringwood. 194930207 Excavation of footings in Ashburton. 194930185 Excavation of footing in Ashburton. 194930186 Excavation of footings in Ashburton. 194930187 Widening driveway in Montrose. 194930188 Widening driveway in Montrose. 194930189 Job completed at Montrose. 194930190 Stump holes dug for extension in surrey hills then back on site 3 days later to do site clean and back fill retaining wall. 194930191 Same job in Surrey hills. 194930192 Pile hole drilling in Kew. 194930193 Pile hole drilling in Kew. 194930194 Pile hole drilling in Kew. 194930195 Start of excavation for new garage in Noble park. 194914978 Site clean in Alphington. 194930200 Site clean in Alphington. 194930201 Site clean in Alphington. 194930202 Small excavation and levelling out in new carport in Kallista. 194930203 Small excavation and levelling out in new carport in Kallista. 194930204 New pathway dug out and toppings levelled out for Parks Victoria in Montrose. 194930205 Transporting excavated material to a skip bin on council land in Wantirna. 194914977 Same job in Wantirna. 194930208 Excavated material to be removed in Wantirna. 194930209 New car parking area about to be excavated in Blackburn South. 194930215 Same job in Blackburn South. 194930218 Completed job in Blackburn South. 194930217 Cutting a new doorway in a garage for more storage in Ringwood North. 194930219 Removing soil and levelling out for storage room in Ringwood North. 194930220 Same job in Ringwood North. 194930221 New toppings laid and levelled in Warranwood. 194930225 Completed job in Warranwood. 194930226 Excavation and soil removal at Surrey Hills. 195025205 Same job at Surrey hills before excavation. 195025206 Another view before job starts. 195025207 Completed job at Surrey Hills. 195025208 Refurbishing the sand pit at the Rudolph steiner school in Warranwood. 200396058 Another view after site levelled out. 195025209 Same job. 195025210 Same job from another angle. 195025211 Another view of Surrey hills job. 195025212 The following photos are from a site prep for new driveway in Aspendale Gardens. 196175216 Site prep Aspendale Gardens. 196175217 203660705 Site prep Aspendale Gardens. 196175221 203660706 Before and after photo's of repair work for Parks Victoria on a walking track at Olinda falls. 196175824 Damage caused by the effects of erosion at Olinda falls. 196175823 Photo taken lower down the path. 196175825 The following photo's show the path once repair work has been completed. 196175831 Job completed at Olinda. 196175828 Job completed at Olinda. 196175826 Job completed at Olinda. 196175827 Job completed at Olinda. 196175829 Job completed at Olinda. 196175830 Trenching, site clean & levelling at Mooroolbark railway station. 196516263 Trenching at Mooroolbark railway station. 196516262 Site clean and levelling. 196516258 Finished job. 196516260 Drilling stump holes & and levelling out a large amount of soil in Kalista. 197739316 Finished job in Kalista. 197739317 Removal of old concrete slab and excavation in Hawthorn. 197739318 Slab removed. 197739319 Soil to be removed after excavation. 197739320 Stump holes dug for retaining wall and job completed. 197739321 1 of three new BBQ area's dug out at Olinda Falls 197739655 Completed job. 197739656 Clean up at Lone Pine War memorial at wattle park. 197739657 Spread and grade new surface at wattle park. 197739658 Job completed. 197739659 Excavation and removal of 40 cubic metres of soil for new extension in Ferntree gully. 198555151 Ferntree gully job. 198555152 Ferntree gully job. 198555153 Getting ready to drill stump holes on Ferntree gully job. 198555154 Ferntree gully job. 198555155 Breaking up a concrete pond in Ringwood. 198555156 Ringwood job. 198555157 Ringwood job. 198555158 Demolition and removal of concrete slab in Mitcham. 198555159 Mitcham job. 198555160 Mitcham job. 198555162 Mitcham job. 198555163 Mitcham job. 198555161 Mitcham job. 198555149 Mitcham job. 198555164 Mitcham job completed in under 7 hours. 198555150 Excavating a new path around a tennis court in Park Orchards. 199398522 Drilling post holes for retaining wall around tennis court. 199398523 Job Completed. 199398524 Garage floor demo in Ringwood. 203660563 Garage floor demo in Ringwood. 203660564 Garage floor demo in Ringwood. 203660565 Patio demo in Essendon. 203660678 Patio demo in Essendon. 203660679 Patio demo in Essendon. 203660680 Trenching for new lighting along driveway in St Andrews. 203660700 Trenching job. 203660701 Trenching job. 203660702