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  Mini Digger Earthworks

Mini Digger Earthworks machinery & attachments

Dingo K94 mini digger

950 kg.

980mm wide, access required with bucket 1100mm.

The Dingo is a very powerful and versatile machine 

when combined with the various attachments we have available. It can do an amazing amount of work in a 

day for its size. Great for moving soil, site cleans, landscaping projects, new driveways, paving 

preparation, levelling, rock breaking, concrete, asphalt

and brickwork demolition, small to medium size earthmoving and excavation jobs and 

comparable to most larger machines for trenching or post and stump hole digging. It also 

has the advantage of being able to access areas were larger machines won't fit.


1/ 4 in 1 bucket used for moving soil & materials , digging, site cleans, grabbing objects

2/ Trencher 150mm wide dig depth approx 1000mm used for service trenches for telcos, plumbing 

and electrical conduit.

3/ Post hole digger, digging depth up to 2200mm with extensions, used for digging post holes, stump 

holes, tree and shrub planting.

Augers to suit post hole digger 350mm & 450mm diameter. Other sizes available upon request.

4/ Leveller used for levelling out soil and turf preparation.

5/ Forks used for materials handling, pallets and capable of lifting around 350 Kg + safely.

6/ Rippers used to breakup tough ground.

7/ Rock breaker used for demolition work, breaking up concrete, rock, asphalt & brickwork.

Wacker Neuson EZ 17

1700 KG.

980 - 1300mm wide, width required to gain access 


The EZ 17 is also a great machine. It is a zero tail 

swing excavator which is great for digging in confined 

spaces. The under carriage can expand or contract from 

1300mm to 980mm for working in confined areas.

It has a dig depth of 2490mm and a break out force of 

18.7 KN which means its a very powerful machine for its

size. Its great for trenching, footings, excavation, site cleans, pool, spa and water tank 

holes, landscaping projects, new driveways, paving preparation and when combined with 

the auger drive can dig post and stump holes up 450mm in diameter down to a depth of 

3000mm, depending on ground conditions.


1/ 300mm, 350mm, 450mm, 500mm and 1000mm buckets used for trenching, excavating and bulk 

material shifting.

2/ Auger drive, digging depth up to 2800mm, used for digging post holes, stump holes, tree and shrub 


Augers to suit auger drive 350mm & 450 mm diameter. Other sizes available upon request.

3/ Rock breaker used for demolition work, breaking up rock, concrete, asphalt and brickwork.

4/ Hydraulic grab used to place rocks, shift materials and demolition work.

 Call Stuart 0402 344 305  

Cormidi C85 Hi-Tip dumper.

800 Kg Capacity.

810mm wide.

Width required to gain access 850mm.

Bucket can be raised to dump materials over retaining 

walls or into skip bins and small trucks.

Carry's approximately half a cubic meter of material.

Used for bulk material shifting on tight access jobs.

Used in combination with EZ 17 Excavator.